Met Office target wrong area for haar

The low stratus and sea fog never really made it far inland across Lincolnshire overnight. The Met Office NWP forecast got it wrong and picked the wrong part of the country for low cloud to invade from the North Sea, as you can see in the forecast video they tweeted yesterday. The low level wind stubbornly refused to veer into the northeast as forecast, and so the low cloud ran parallel with the coastline instead of heading inland. But low stratus, haar if you like, did invade the Moray Firth and the North Minches overnight though as you can see in this morning’s visible satellite image. Better luck next time Met Office – great forecast animation by the way – that’s just how the stratus floods south down the Vale of York and the North York moors end up surrounded by it. I just wonder if the sea breeze later today may bring it in?

The Donna Nook observation was always an important one to watch out for in the 1980’s when I was an observer at Binbrook. I’m not sure if it had a CBR then, we might have just had to go on the evidence of wind direction and temperature data to detect a sea breeze or haar. My memory is absolutely awful these days.

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