Meteogroup still pushing mild outlook

Courtesy BBC

No matter what the UKMO do regarding this current weather situation, be it warnings of snow and ice or news releases about the battle ground between mild air to the south and the stubbornly persistent cold air to the north, it has little effect either on Meteogroup or the weathercasters down at the BBC, who seem hell bent on trying to convince us that the very mild weather in the south will prevail everywhere. Last night Tomasz Schafernaker finally conceded that cold air would replace the mild air this weekend, but it would only be temporary, before temperatures picked up again next week. Looking at the 850 hPa temperatures forecast for the coming ten days from the ECMWF it’s quite obvious that there will always be this temperature contrast despite what Meteogroup say, and if anything it will get even colder if this promised anticyclonic easterly materialises by day ten.


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