Microsoft awarded UK Met Office supercomputing contract

It looks like the UKMO have got themselves into quite a pickle when awarding the supercomputer contract to Microsoft. They also went to great expense to build a purpose built building to house their current supercomputer on the Exeter Science Park, which now looks surplus to requirements when the latest ‘high-performance computing (HPC) system arrives.
It’s quite fitting that the Met Office a bastion for over forty years of UNIX, and whose scientists always looked down their noses with disdain at anything to do with Microsoft have finally been assimilated.
The big question from UK taxpayers when this new system comes on line will be – do we get to see any of the NWP output that it produces? Not on your nelly – its on a needs to know basis, and we don’t need to know. It’s such a shame they can afford to spend £1.2 billion on supercomputers HPC systems like this but still can’t manage to fix the Stornoway weather radar!

Courtesy UKMO

5 thoughts on “Microsoft awarded UK Met Office supercomputing contract”

    1. That’s a great excuse and one that I fully anticipated being used.
      Interestingly though the same travel restrictions haven’t stopped work on a new 43 housing development in the village.
      I expect the Coronavirus pandemic being used extensively as an excuse for changing how we work, shop and play in the future.

  1. Not an excuse – just fact of life at the moment. Would look odd if a government agency didn’t follow government guidance. Not so odd if a private house building company does what it wants. Typical of selfish attitudes that were prevalent long before Covid came along

    1. Using the same reasoning I wonder how long it would be before the Cray XC40 supercomputer got fixed if it developed an urgent fault that required outside help to get fixed? These selfish attitudes are what get things done in the real world like it or not.

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