Mid month climate report

Over halfway through May and it looks like this:

  • Temperatures have been a little under average for the month so far particularly in the north, even in the south it’s none been too warm helped by some pretty cold nights.
  • Rainfall is well below average in most regions away from the NW and the extreme SW. Many stations have accumulations less than 2 mm so far this May.
  • Sunshine totals look surprisingly above average too. I say surprisingly from the vantage point of being in the dullest region in the UK again. West Wales has been extremely sunny and Valley has already 170 hours in the bag for this month.

The problem with both the sunshine and rainfall charts is I really need access to rainfall and sunshine LTA data to be able to calculate anomalies, because at the moment I can only do that for just a limited number of stations. I live in hope that one day the latest data from all climate stations across the UK will be freely to accessible.

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