Misleading BBC graphics

You can’t say that Christopher Blanchett didn’t mention a touch of frost across the northeast of Scotland in his forecast, although I think that the -4.3°C at Altnaharra might merit the term ‘moderate’, but the graphic he used for overnight minima suggested they would occur only across the high ground of the Grampians, and in pockets inland of Fraserburgh and just to the southwest of Dounreay. In reality, and like last night, the frost was much more widespread than this across the “rural northeast”. I know that I harp on about how the BBC give poor guidance each spring with regard to the forecasting of minimum temperatures, but I’m afraid it’s still true. The simple answer would be for them to produce a graphic of overnight minima for a period rather than for a specific time. Likewise a graphic of daytime maxima might also go down a bomb as well. As for all the hype about high temperatures in recent days this is only April for goodness sake.

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