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Just a quick look at the latest Monthly Outlook produced by Meteogroup. I never realised until today that the BBC weather website contained a monthly outlook and I am not sure who writes it. Maybe it’s the team at the BBC, or more likely it’s their Meteogroup masters. It may be a new idea or they may have been doing ever since they took over the contract, certainly it’s an odd little forecast. The writer reminds us that the jet stream is “a band of fast moving air in the upper atmosphere that drives weather systems” and obviously has a strong belief in that it’s responsible for most things.

They say in the fourth paragraph for example that the “jet stream will often be overhead, leading to temperatures being near or a bit above average”. A part from the fact that the jet stream can only be overhead might not the direction of the jet stream be a better guide to surface temperatures other than the fact it’s overhead?

They go on to say that “high pressure in the Mediterranean building further north into central Europe, resulting in the colder polar airmass sticking around for longer”. If high pressure builds north into central Europe from the Med surely wouldn’t winds be southerly rather than northerly across the UK?

I’m not sure what the fifth paragraph is referring to when it says “We will have a closer look at the second half of the month along with the threat of any late January cold snaps lingering for too long” it looks like gobbledygook to me.

Below is the UKMO effort for approximately the same period for you to compare the different styles. Personally I don’t think either format works particularly well, and both are crying out for some helpful graphics or charts to help them along.

Courtesy UKMO

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