Mysterious EUCDE ship observations

EUCDE observations

There seem to be a new and mysterious collection of ship observation in the North Atlantic at the moment. I can’t find which country is responsible for them the callsign of which starts EUCDE and ends in a couple of digits. I can’t say when I first started noticing them, but there are at least eight of them in today’s 12 UTC Atlantic chart. The only link I have found on a Google search is a listing in a publication of the Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD). They usually report hourly observation, comprising winds, temperature, dewpoint and a pressure, and they are usually fairly accurate. As far as I can tell they seem to be observations from ships that ply the Atlantic quite widely. This new collection of ship observations is a welcome addition to what’s been a dwindling list for the last twenty year or more. The reason I noticed them today is that one of those ships, EUCDE23 is at the moment right in the firing line of storm Alex as it rushes towards the Bay of Biscay. The barograph trace for the last 48 hours is slightly misleading though, because EUCDE23 has been steaming westward away from the Azores high for the last 48 hours so don’t take it’s fall in pressure as gospel.

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