Never let the weather over Scotland get in the way of a good story

I think Helen Willets would rather pick up a rattlesnake than make much mention of the weather in Scotland in her forecasts. Lots of people must have noticed the snow showers continuing through the night across Scotland in these graphics on the 1.30 PM forecast, and might well be worrying about travelling early tomorrow morning maybe to catch a flight – should they travel tonight, or risk the roads tomorrow morning? As is fast becoming the norm these days, weathercasters are much more interested in today’s snow in High Wycombe and tomorrow’s rain and wind from storm Jorge than they ever will be about tonight’s weather across Scotland. I do realise they only have three minutes or less to present their forecast, but what with the slide show at the beginning, and then talk of a new named storm, something has to get squeezed out, and usually that’s Scotland.

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