No flies on Stav!

Do BBC weathercasters ever look at the latest UK observations before going on air to do their broadcasts? It certainly looks like Stav Danaos does or maybe someone tipped him off after reading my earlier blog about the -10.6° at the ASW at Loch Glascarnoch at 16 UTC. He still showed the 06 UTC temperature chart for tomorrow morning which is fair enough (will Meteogroup ever get around to displaying a colour contoured chart of extreme temperatures) but modified his script at 1830 UTC to say:-

1830 UTC courtesy of BBC

Through the day in his recorded forecast Stav had been saying that temperatures could get down to -11 or -12°C in the borders area. By the way Stav temperatures as low as the ones we have at Loch Glascarnoch at the moment make this a very severe frost – a hard frost just describes the state of the ground.

The BBC Scotland weathercaster didn’t think to add a temperature in his “overnight” chart but used the get out of jail card “temperatures in towns and cities” to display his minimum temperatures and mentioned the fact that temperatures “in one or two spots could get down to -15°C once again”. I never realised that they had and where does the -15°C come from?

1858 UTC courtesy BBC

What do you think?

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