No mention of frost

Courtesy of BBC

Another poor forecast from the BBC as presented by Tomasz Schafernaker in all of his forecasts today and this evening. In his usual laid back style he managed to skirt around even the remotest possibility of a frost in parts of Scotland overnight in most of his broadcasts. Of course there were much more interesting things happening further south, and although he had the time there was ne’er a mention of northwest Scotland or ‘Nowhereseville’ come to that and the chance of a frost. At a glance the Meteogroup graphics support his forecast, but don’t forget these are the “get out of jail” temperatures the BBC use for towns and cities for 05 UTC and not the overnight extreme minimuma. As you can see there is a moderate frost across the Highlands at 03 UTC, which could have been even more widespread and severe if not for a persistent sheet of SC and light winds. I might also add that the forecast temperatures they predicted for Lerwick, Aberdeen and Stornoway were all looking wrong as well. Being forgotten is happening so regularly this autumn that I’m getting used to being left out of the national forecast much like the people in Shetlands have.

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