North cones hoisted for Saturday

Isn’t NWP absolutely bloody marvelous. If this feature develops like the ECMWF expect it to, then Saturday looks like it’ll be a very interesting day weatherwise across Scotland. What appears to be a shallow heat low starts life on Wednesday across the Netherlands (1008 hpa), before it starts to deepen and moving north into the German Bight (989 hPa) by lunchtime on Thursday, it then hangs a left and heads towards NE Scotland (983 hPa), before spiralling left again down the east coast on Saturday. The leading models (bar the UKMO) all have a cyclonic affair for midnight on Friday, the problem is they can’t seem to agree on the timing.

As it comes up against the colder air across the UK the model does have areas of snow across the higher ground of the Grampians and southern uplands of Scotland. This combined with a strong north or northwesterly wind will make for a very poor day of it on Saturday. No wonder the Met Office are considering raising north cones for it.

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