Now you see it, now you don’t!

Courtesy of the UKMO

I was under the distinct impression that yesterday’s yellow warning for heavy rain for western districts was in force till midnight tonight. The crafty buggers down at the Met Office seem to have made it disappear though, probably because they had gone overboard a wee bit too much on the totals they expected it to deliver. I looked on Twitter for a tweet from the UKMO about why they had cut it short but couldn’t find one. Maybe I just read the original warning incorrectly but it does say quite clearly state 23:59 tomorrow. Anway looking back at the estimated rainfall totals for the 24 hours till o6 UTC this morning reveals the true picture. In this image I’ve grey filtered totals less than the predicted widespread totals of 30-40 mm to give you a better idea of how they overdid it, and as you can see most low lying places got away with a wet day with totals much less than this. There’s no doubt that higher ground did get clobbered, estimates for Snowdonia were above 80mm for the 24 hours, but again less than the 100-150 mm suggested. It’s noticeable too that once again they showed little interest in issuing warnings for Scotland north of the Great Glen, obviously it doesn’t matter this far north.

Estimated rainfall totals from weather radar
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