Nuisance rain

Courtesy of the BBC

I notice that when a front stalls across southern parts of the country and produces some unwelcome rain it gets labelled by Louise Lear – in one of her favourite euphemisms – as a nuisance front producing some nuisance rain. The same front did produced quite a lot of nuisance rain as it crept south across Scotland during Tuesday, but it wasn’t flagged up as a nuisance by anyone at the BBC, that’s because the rain was falling over Scotland and the bulk of England and Wales was enjoying a mild and sunny day. It may sound a bit pedantic of me to notice something as seemingly petty as this, but to me it’s just another example of the insidiousness of Scotia Myopia and the effect it has on weathercasters. Would it have been so difficult for her on a day like today, when for once the weather is rather better in Scotland that it is further south, to started her forecast in the north and work south, rather than remain fixated on what it’s doing in the south?

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