Off to a warmer start across the north

24 hour temperature differences

The north of Scotland is off to a much warmer start than yesterday, after finally throwing off the shackles of the haar in the Moray Firth, as you can see in the chart of 24 hour temperature differences. It’s interesting to see how the stronger easterly flow has lowered temperatures across many parts of southern Scotland and northern England. Scotland also features quite prominently in the warmest places at 09 UTC this morning with Altnaharra already 23.5°C at 09 UTC.

Warmest stations in WMO block #03

I couldn’t quite understand why Louis Lear was saying that it wouldn’t be quite as warm as yesterday’s 28°C at Kinlochewe in the BBC weather. The flow may be easterly further south but not so further north. It’s not common for the BBC to add an extra temperature label across Scotland, it’s something they should do by default and not just when it could be one of the hot spots.

1830 BST 29 May 2020
Courtesy of the BBC
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