1912 the most cyclonic June

This June has already started on a very cyclonic note, and interestingly there are already five June’s from this century already in the top twelve, with June 2012 ranked as second highest.


In my opinion Windy.com is one of the best goto web sites for viewing the latest NWP data for the UK and across the world – see what you think.

A simple summer index: 1929 – 2018

How do you define what constitutes a ‘good’ summer? It’s usually very subjective, and as we grow older it may have less to do with weather and more to do with other things that are going on in our lives at the time. Keeping it strictly meteorological, and if you’re older than 70, you probably look back at the summer of 1959 as being the best, older than 50 and its highly likely that 1976 will be your perfect summer, younger still and it may well be the summer of 2003.

Global temperatures bounce back above +1°C

Rather embarrassingly for the Met Office their estimates of mean global temperatures have been below the 1°C higher then the pre-industrial era for several months. But now with the belated release of the March values they’ve bounced back up.

Spring 2019 over three weeks early in central England

According to my method of calculating the first day of spring using accumulated mean temperatures, the first day of spring was thanks to a record very mild end to February, was over three weeks early on the 26th of February this year (2019). Not a record, but nonetheless very early and forcing the linear trend from 1772 down slightly steeper, so that springs on average are arriving 20 days earlier than they did 247 years ago.

A new way of looking at weather charts

The valuable chart archives on the Wetterzentrale site provides a number of reanalysis series, from CFSR, ERA and NOAA that you can download daily charts from. The CFSR series is at 0.5° resolution, whilst data from ERA is 1° and NOAA 2° resolution. Here’s an example of all the daily charts (00 UTC) for last winter [DJF 2018-19] using CFSR reanalysis data of MSLP and geopotential height at 500 hPa. Trying to find the start and end of any cold or warm spell in a series of weather charts by quantifying just how cold or warm it’s been in any...

MIDAS and the cold day of 12th January 1987

I have previously written about this severe cold snap that occurred in the January of 1987 which I think produced the coldest weather for any week in the whole of the 20th century in England and Wales, if not the whole UK. Back when I wrote that original report, which unfortunately I have since deleted, I hadn’t tapped into the MIDAS climate data from the BADC. So here’s an example from the 12th of January 1987 of the richness of the MIDAS temperature data I generated in one of a suite of applications that I developed last year. As you...