Prerecorded forecasts

Courtesy BBC

A particularly chilly night – you’ll have to do better than that Matt Taylor. It’s common practice since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic for the BBC weather team to record their forecasts for playback during the morning and afternoon on the News channel. You can always tell when they’re pre-recorded they don’t usually use weather radar or satellite imagery which would give the game away and they’re always guessing at weather that we’ve already seen – never a good idea. This afternoon was good example of them not getting this quite right. The temperature at Loch Glascarnoch at sunset (1550 UTC) today was already -6.3°C and that’s in the northwest Highlands and not central Scotland. It is particularly chilly and that temperature makes the frost already severe. If skies do remain clear it’s quite likely this’ll be the coldest night of the year. Oh how I do hate that word chilly, which Matt seems to use in every other sentence.

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