Rainfall analysis – 9 February 2020

I completely missed this heavy rainfall event yesterday, I was so busy looking at what the winds were doing I didn’t realise how wet it was over central northern and northwest England. I know there was a couple of yellow (maybe even amber) warnings in force for heavy rain around that area, but I didn’t keep a copy of it, and because the Met Office rather unhelpfully don’t bother to keep an archive of what (and when) they issue or update in the way of warnings, I can’t comment on just how close it was to these rainfall radar estimates of mine. There certainly was a large area with accumulations of 50-75 mm, and within that smaller areas of 75-100 mm in the 24 hours. In Hebden Bridge, I estimated 73.6 mm of rain fell in the 24 hour and most of that before 12 UTC, so there was no wonder there was widespread flooding in the area.

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