Rainfall in western Scotland

Estimated accumulations from weather radar

Another wet couple of days in what’s turning out to be a very wet month across western Scotland. I’ve added the approximate area of the yellow warning for heavy rain to my estimated accumulations map, in which I’ve greyed out accumulations below 50 mm so it’s easier to gauge just how good a fit the warning issued by the UKMO on Monday was (50-100 mm). The warning area itself looks very reasonable although they might have included Skye, Lewis and the north of Sutherland. Their estimated accumulations look good with a largish area of 50+ mm and the odd white pixel in the mix indicating totals above 225 mm in the last 33 hours or so in the wettest spots. The warning still has over five hours to run but as the cold front has already cleared through Skye I figured what the hell and which I’m sure that the dozen or so people who read this report will forgive me for.

Courtesy of UKMO
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