Recycled Yellow warnings

Courtesy UKMO

If this warning of snow and strong winds from the Met Office looks familiar it should do, it’s very similar to the ones they issued earlier this week for the north of Scotland. The one for snow and ice has a typo in it and is to cover a repeat performance of what happened earlier this week, albeit a shorter spell that’s not nearly as severe. This time they’ve wisely extended it to cover the Isle of Lewis and Harris, which saw as much as snow as many parts of the mainland did. This is the picture for lunchtime tomorrow according to the ECMWF model with snow showers across the northwest and the cold front grinding to a halt across the south.

5 thoughts on “Recycled Yellow warnings”

  1. But we keep being told to recycle things to ‘Save the Planet’ !!

    Some thoughts on ‘Saving the Planet’ from one of the worlds greatest philosophers; just 8mins long and so true.

  2. Not sure wind gusts for 6 April is the picture for lunchtime tomorrow… fancy making a mistake like that!

      1. You’ve updated it now… before it was showing a picture of winds and gusts for 6 April.

        1. Apologies Rob – I think the new version of WordPress has introduced a few problems with wrong images in various posts.

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