Scottish Flood Forecasting Service marks 10th Anniversary

Since we emigrated to Scotland in 2018 I think I might just add my two penneth to what seems to be a rather one-sided self congratulatory post about the tenth anniversary of the Scottish Flood Forecasting Service. The UKMO may have made continual improvements to the radar network in Scotland in the last ten years, but hasn’t added a new weather radar to the network in that time. Recently the Stornoway radar was down for almost a month during the height of the winter, all for want of a 13 amp fuse as far as I know. I’ve seen a couple of examples where weather radar has given poor coverage in extreme local heavy rainfall events, and it doesn’t help that we are on the boundary of two radars and by time the radar beam has passed overhead here it’s likely to be many hundreds of metres above ground level. I don’t believe that four radars adequately cover the bulk of the Scottish mainland, and to pretend that it does is the main reason why we are unlikely to see a fifth one installed. I noticed that the Met Office now claim in their literature that their weather radar network covers 99% of the UK. Their new graphic on the right would lead you to think that is indeed the case, but in reality large parts of Scotland, and other parts of the UK too, are still only covered at 5 km resolution or worse as you can see in their older graphic.

Courtesy UKMO

I would like to think that the comments I make to the Met Office News blog would ever pass moderation, but that’s highly unlikely to happen, as the Met Office effectively barred me from posting comments a number of years ago.

4 thoughts on “Scottish Flood Forecasting Service marks 10th Anniversary”

    1. I’m no big expert on the type of radar the UKMO use it may be the plain vanilla type.
      I think the rest of the world use a Doppler system (whatever that is) which I think gives a much greater range although it may do that at the expense of resolution.

  1. “Recently the Stornoway radar was down for almost a month during the height of the winter, all for want of a 13 amp fuse as far as I know”. Due to the travel restrictions imposed because of Covid19. Impossible to diagnose what the problem was from a distance – but it was a bit more than a fuse.

    1. Yes I’m sure it was – I was being a little facetious with that remark as you can probably tell if you’ve read my b;og for any length of time.

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