Severe gales on Sunday


The Met Office have a problem regarding the gales on Sunday across northwest of the country, they’ve gone for 65 to 75 mph possibly 80 mph in their yellow warning they issued for Friday for the Hebrides, and can’t really go any higher that that without triggering an Amber warning. In fact gusts of 80 mph would have certainly triggered an amber warning if these severe winds were forecast for the south of the country. There does seem to be some kind of tie in here between amber warnings triggering named storms, and certainly if Met Eireann sniff at any hint of ‘orange’, they may name it anyway. At the moment the ECMWF model does suggest a tightening of the gradient at 18 UTC on Sunday, possibly the result of a bent back occlusion (sting jet?). It will be interesting to see what they do this morning down at the nerve center in Exeter.

Courtesy UKMO

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