Since records began in 1960 – really?

It amazing to discover that we’ve only been adding the number of days of frost that occur each month since 1960. That’s according to what various weathercasters I’ve heard say since news broke that this April was the frostiest since records began 60 years ago. That of course is a load of old bollocks because we have, or should I say the UKMO have, detailed daily climate records that started in the 1850’s and even earlier. The problem is that a lot of these daily climate records have still to be digitised by the Met Office and then gridded. Despite the Met Office using computers since the 1970’s they rely on a faithful band of volunteers to do the work for them and build a better climate picture of the past, whilst they spend all the billions they get from the government on an even faster and more expensive supercomputer to better predict the climate of the future – a win win for the Met Office! As an ex-observer I find it a bit of an insult that all these readings and observations that observers did before before 1960 have sat around in their vaults until recently and how little it’s valued by them.
As proof that they could add up a hundred year ago, here’s an example of Monthly Weather Report publication showing a column of total days of ground frosts (surprisingly not one for air frosts!) for the month of April 1921. It’s interesting to see that Andover, a Met Office that I worked in the early 1970’s, was one of the earliest upper air stations, not a lot of people know that.

Monthly Weather Report – April 1921
Courtesy UKMO Library

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  1. I known they did a crowd source exercise a year or so ago to get some records. They should do that for the old records as they are an absolute goldmine of information and a waste to just leave.

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