Snow greyscale

Estimated accumulated precipitation from weather radar

Because millimetres of rainfall translate quite nicely into centimetres of snow, I thought that I would change the color scale for my estimated precipitation from weather radar images into a greyscale so that light falls would be black and the heaviest falls would be white. It sort of works, but the values really need automatically generating for each event rather than being hard wired into the code. The map shows where the heaviest of the snow has been since midnight on Sunday across IONA. Don’t forget there wasn’t, and still isn’t, any Stornoway radar. There looks to be four main hot spots or should that be white spots (1) the Tarbat Peninsula in Easter Ross (2) the Angus coast close to Montrose (3) the Northumbrian coast close to Berwick and (4) along the coast of Suffolk. The only places to have completely escaped the snow during that time are parts of the extreme west and southwest of Scotland, the west of the Isle of Man, the northwest of Cumbria, the Lleyn peninsula and Pembrokeshire, the west of Devon and the north of Cornwall.

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