Snow spreads west into Suffolk

If anywhere is going to get a pasting from the snow that’s falling today across the southeast of England today it looks to me that it will be the higher parts of inland Suffolk, Wattisham for example. The county look perfectly aligned with the slow moving tongue of heavier precipitation thats edging westward that you can see in the latest weather radar image aligned NE-SW at 0825 UTC. Having said that the highest parts of Suffolk are not that high (only 128 metres amsl) but you get my drift (excuse the pun). You’ll notice that the temperature at Wattisham at 08 UTC is -0.7°C and there are gusts to 44 knots (~51 mph) in the strong northeasterlies at Weybourne on the north Norfolk coast and some freezing rain reported at Shoeburyness.

What do you think?

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