Snowy white winters that melt into spring…

We have had another light dusting of snow here in the Strath this morning, and at the moment a very light snow shower has just started. That makes snow lying on five out of six days since Monday, and contrary to what Tomasz Schafernaker is saying in this morning’s BBC breakfast time forecast, the showers across Northern Scotland continue to fall as snow down to sea level as they have done all week, and can be in no way be described as “wintry showers on Scottish hills” as he says. He also manages to screw up the fact that the coldest place overnight in the UK was Shap in Cumbria with a minimum temperature of -7.8°C, and not temperatures overnight dipped to -6°C in Scotland and Northern Ireland” as he said. He goes on to mention that the warm front straddling the English Channel is making the southeast “a little bit milder” which could well be the understatement of the year if you look at the minimum temperature [18-06] anomalies. He’s not the only BBC weathercaster who tends to play down colder weather further north, they all do it and have been at it since Christmas. I’ll go away after posting this article and take one of my pink pills – I promise.

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