So much for Buchan

850 hPa temperatures
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Mild November on the cards after a short lived cold spell

We might have to wait till the latter part of November to see a proper cold spell this Autumn, that’s if the latest NWP is correct from the ECMWF, although it may well be that this anticyclonic spell will help depress temperatures enough during the next few days to add support to Buchans cold spell for the 6th to the 13th of November. It was a cold night further south with a general ground frost south of 53° north, and a slight air frost in places, but not as general or widespread as was predicted in yesterday’s BBC forecasts. I notice that the Topcliffe freezer and the Katesbridge icebox where working flat out last night, both remarkable frost hollows. I wonder how much of a sheltered area you would need to get these kind of temperatures? Perhaps a walled garden you see in one of the larger stately homes would do it.

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