Southwesterlies ramping up across Hebrides

The southwesterly wind, which touched storm force 10 briefly late yesterday afternoon, is increasing once again across South Uist and is currently blowing severe gale force 9 with gusts to 61 knots at 14 UTC. It’s even caught the attention of the social media team at the Met Office who issued this tweet quite recently. It’s always seemed to me like the forecasters and the press team down in Exeter don’t get on that well together and although they try to stick to the same script they don’t always engage their brains when doing so. Take for instance this tweet which shows a rare glimpse at some of the UKMO mesoscale model output for peak winds which as mortals are never allowed to see. The guy that wrote the text of the tweet is following orders and sticking to the script by saying there will be “gusts as high as 75 mph in exposed spots“, but the NWP animation clearly shows gusts of 80-89 mph across the western coast of the Isle of Lewis. If they, by any remote chance, are reading this I would like to inform of a couple of things:-

  • Means speeds of 43 knots with gusts to 61 knots are best described as STORMY rather than very windy.
  • Please ask the Chief why he has ignored this NWP and has not issued an amber warning?
Courtesy of Twitter & UKMO
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