Storm Darcy coincident but not the cause of the severe cold weather

Courtesy BBC

The media seems to have concluded that the cold weather we’re seeing at the moment is all the result of storm Darcy. How they have come to this conclusion beats me, and I would love to know who was responsible for putting this particular news item together. It’s pretty galling when you’re watching this from northern Scotland where we have been experienced cold weather for the last six weeks now, none of it I may add the result of storm Darcy. There is little mention of the cold conditions we have experienced in the Highlands in the BBC weather forecast let alone the national news, it’s as if we are no longer are a part of the United Kingdom and the national news excludes Scotland. Did you know for instance that on Friday that there was over 50 cm of lying snow in Braemar? Did it get a mention in the news, no, and as far as I know it wasn’t even mentioned in the BBC News for Scotland which speaks volumes for the state of regional reporting these days. Then along comes storm Darcy and some snow for the southeast of England, and suddenly BBC News reporters are dispatched to places like Southend, and before you know the cold weather that storm Darcy has ushered in everywhere is now national news.

Courtesy of the Guardian

The Guardian is just as bad with their headline – it’s storm Darcy that’s bringing all this disruption – even though the low that was storm Darcy has now long since filled and is no longer in existence, and any warm air that it thrust up into the near continent has now been pushed back south again. The snow that we have seen in the last 48 hours across eastern parts is the result of convection from unstable cold air over the relatively warm North Sea generating streams of snow showers and not from any frontal system.

The rise and fall of storm Darcy

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