Summer and Winter solstice temperature differences

There are a lot of stories circulating around at the moment about how similar maximum temperatures in today’s summer solstice are with those of the winter solstice of 2020. As far as I can see there are only six station with maximum temperatures [06-18] today colder than that on the 21st December 2020, which admittedly must be a pretty rare occurrence, with another 31 stations across the south today coming within 2°C of it.

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  1. Garin Paul Linnington

    Very interesting website, I will be looking at on a regular basis, especially on the historic temperature series such as for June, showing no warming (I m not surprised at all). At my Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station for Bodmin, I recorded a max of 15.1 deg C for 21 June 2021, and 13.5 deg C for 21 December 2020, It is not unusual to record mild temperatures in December in the SW of the UK, and December 2020 had some mild days, with 21 December being the highest maximum temp in December 2020 in Bodmin, but this June solstice was unusually cool. The highest this June for Bodmin is 25.8 C on the 13th, nothing great. As a note, the met office station at Cardinham, is not Bodmin, it is 199m elevation on the edge of the moor, my station is 91m in a valley on the SW of the town of Bodmin. Cardinham is not representative of lowland mid/north Cornwall, such as the town of Bodmin, anymore than Biggin Hill is for central London.

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