Sunset at the South Pole

Originally tweeted by The Antarctic Report (@AntarcticReport) on 26 March 2021.

Pillar of light from the departed Sun, the South Pole sky today, 5 days after the Equinox sunset; the Sun is now 1.2° below the horizon. South Pole Telescope at left, Martin A. Pomerantz Observatory at right, housing the Keck Array radio telescope @NSF pic Calvin Tsai @BICEP_Keck

The Antarctic report

This is another tweet that I have commandeered this time from the Antarctic Report team about the sun setting at the South Pole this week. I thought that I would be smart and add a thermograph from the South Pole for the whole of their ‘summer’ i.e from the 1st of December. It took me by surprise that the air temperature at the South Pole has gradually been falling since the end of January 2021 from around -28°C to -48°C where it is now. The graph from Halley base (~75° south) also showed a decline through the ‘summer’ although shallower that at Amundsen-Scott. It seems that it doesn’t matter if the sun is above or below the horizon for temperatures to fall this far south.

Looking at the long term averages for the south pole the fall off in temperatures since the start of summer looks quite normal.

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  1. Remember – British summer time (BST) officially starts at 1am on Sunday 28 March,
    Spring forward,
    Fall back .

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