SYNOP observations from the Polarstern

Who said that all Polar bears where thin and starving to death in the Arctic? This mother and cub seem to be doing very well for themselves on the ice sheet. This image is courtesy of the blog of the MOSAiC expedition.

Image courtesy of Esther Horvath

This afternoon I have been working on an application to collect together all the SYNOP observations from the Polarstern and the MOSAiC expedition. I have cannibalised another program for the purpose and the refit is coming together well, although the map of their route I would like to display is a bit of a problem, because I’m planning to use an orthographic projection to cope with the fact that for the next 12 months the expedition will be drifting across the North Pole, and to do this I will need to draw onto a background image of a high resolution map, which these days aren’t free – what ever happened to the internet of the late 1990’s? Anyway I’ve collected all the SYNOP data back to the 20th of September, when the MV Polarstern set sail from Tromso, and have now managed to plot a quick line graph of temperatures and a table of decoded observations. I’m really looking forward to the coming months, as the sun has now set at 85° north and temperatures are starting to fall.

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