Temperatures back into double figures!

Courtesy BBC News Channel
1.30pm Monday 25 January 2021

Why couldn’t Tomasz Schafernaker show the MODIS satellite image of yesterday’s snow in his broadcast following the lunchtime news? He obviously got so caught up with the reported snow depths and he still seems to have a bee in his bonnet about how temperatures across the country will be getting back into double figures later this week. He obviously means in Cardiff and London because the table of temperatures that he presented still shows temperatures in Edinburgh stubbornly refusing to rise above four degrees. As so often as they do at the BBC he uses an 850 hPa temperature chart to emphasise just how mild air it’s going to get without mentioning that these coloured contours are the temperatures at around ~5,000 feet. He then goes on to explain that the red bobbles indicate a warm front, without mentioning that on the surface the warm front is being quickly followed by a line of blue triangles a cold front that’s quickly occluding that warm front.

Courtesy BBC and Windy.com

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