The 2020 North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season

2020 North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season
Provisional data courtesy of the NHC

Here is an infographic of the 2020 North Atlantic tropical cyclone season. The season officially ends on the 30th of November, but who know this season started early and could finish late by throwing up an extra one in December to add to it’s record tally of thirty tropical cyclones.

  • Hurricane Teddy produced the highest ACE (28.0) and the furthest travelled (3,573 NM)
  • Hurricane Eta was the longest lasting tropical cyclone (12 days and 12 hours).
  • Hurricane Iota was the only Category five hurricane with the highest sustained wind speed (140 knots) and the lowest pressure (917 hPa).
  • Tropical cyclone Alpha was the shorting lasting (11 hours).
  • Ten of the thirty tropical cyclones only managed a maximum of 45 knots or less sustained wind speed.
  • 2020 may have been the busiest year with the greatest number of tropical cyclones but it was still only ranked 15th by its total ACE.
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