The amazing stationary occlusion

Despite my earlier protestations that the occlusion the Met Office had drawn across Scotland in reality didn’t exist in their 06 UTC analysis when compared to the visible satellite imagery, undeterred the Great Oz confounded me once again by redrawing the aforementioned occlusion in the same place in the 12 UTC analysis. In fact the occlusion which had cleared the whole of northern Ireland and moved backwards and was over Belfast at midday. The Great Oz must have been in a bit of a panic because he set the isoline spacing to 2 hPa rather than the usual 4 hPa in the 12 UTC analysis, which I must admit I quite prefer. I’ve added the 12 UTC satellite image and if you can find an occlusion across Scotland, or claim that the same occlusion remained stationary for the last six hours you’re a better man than I Gunga Din.

I can see the cold front passage between 03 and 04 UTC, but apart from occasional showers I don’t see much evidence for any occlusion from the hourly observations from the AWS at Loch Glascarnoch, in what has been a bright and windy day with convective cloud and small amounts of cirrus.

Loch Glascarnoch hourly observations
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