The Copernicus ERA5 Global Temperatures Series

The Copernicus Global Temperatures series has been around for a few years now so I thought that I would spend some time adding the series to my Global Temperatures program that I have developed to keep tabs on the world’s leading Global Temperature series. The global data that the series uses comes from ERA5, this is the fifth generation European Centre for Medium Weather Forecasting Re-Analysis project and has a spatial resolution of 31 km and covers the period back to the start of 1979, although it is planned that it will be extended back further to 1950 later this year. I now can display all seven of the worlds Global temperature series that now includes the ERA5, HadCRUT v4, GisTEMP v4, NOAA, Berkeley Earth, UAH and the JMA series. It does strike me that to avoid all this duplication of effort that there should be only one reanalysis data series and one global temperature series and that should be maintained by the WMO.

As far as the ERA5 series goes its remarkably similar to the other six which is a good start, and the linear trend from 1980 is exactly the same as that of the GISTemp series at +0.189°C per decade since 1980. I refuse to add any more temperature series to the comparison chart I produce simply because I’ve run out of colours.

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