The latest forecast for Sunday night

If anything the developments later on Sunday look much quicker that in earlier runs of the ICON and GFS models. A lot of commonality between them as regards the southwest, but they handle Scotland quite differently.

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I can’t find a recent T+36 fax chart from the UKMO, so it’s impossible to say exactly what their solution looks like for Sunday night. I did grab this screenshot from their video though of Sophie Yeomans doing a very good impersonation of a character out of the film the Stepford wives. She faithfully stuck to the party line, and although she displayed no isobars on the chart, she helpfully placed a yellow warning symbol in the Celtic sea to remind us a warning was in force. She waved her arm dismissing the forecast for Sunday night in a couple of short sentences. The second of which said (and I quote) “70 mph around some of the coasts” – never bothering to qualify the “70 mph” with the word “gust” so she could well have been describing someone speeding down the A30 to Redruth.

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