The Met Office and Twitter

The Met Office Twitter feed just keeps getting better these days, and they seem to have any number of ways to exploit it to the full, which leaves the rather stale offering from BBC weather a poor second in my opinion. I suppose that’s reflected in the number of followers the UKMO get on Twitter 810.4K at the last count as compared to the 461.3K who follow BBC Weather. I would have thought that there was an intense rivalry between the two organisations on this particular metric. I particularly like the way that they mix animation and graphics together, take a look at this fly through animation for instance for something as banal as visualising overnight minimum temperatures for example.

And this recent yellow wind warning for the Shetlands, which I must say was very accurate, does benefit from the additional NWP animation of forecast gusts they included.

The animation for this tweet which summarises the past days weather has been around for a long time but is still very effective.

This NWP animation of what look like 850 hPa temperature is simple but very effective.

And so too is this rather clever “4cast” for the days weather.

The beauty of this approach is that the same output can be shared on their Facebook site as well. I am very envious of the products they produce, which are both well designed and professional. Obviously the people who work on the media desk, or whatever they call it these days, has become a quite important figure in the forecasting office these days almost rivalling the great Oz.

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