The mysterious vanishing warning

Courtesy UKMO
11 March 2021 1130 UTC

This is an odd one. I went to check the Met office warnings for today and noticed that the strong wind warning that was supposedly valid till 15 UTC today had already disappeared. I haven’t received an email to alert me of an early cancellations, and there had been no announcements in their twitter account for warnings, which does seem to suggest that they can just do this without informing anyone. All very strange when winds are still gusting to gale force widely across England at 11 UTC.

Courtesy UKMO

You know how I have gone about how unhelpfully Met Office fail to provide an archive of any warnings that they issue. Well, here’s a simple way they could do it with very little effort using twitter, all they would have to do is add the text of each warning to the tweet they publish for each warning instead of the image of the Met Office logo. The link that they do embed in the tweet links is to their ‘live’ warnings board, and as soon as the warning expires, or in this case deleted, details of the warning are no longer available. I believe they don’t want to maintain a paper, or in this case a twitter trail, for fear of litigation, and the warning being used in evidence in court cases about a dispute about some severe weather event that the Met Office either missed or perhaps failed to gauge the severity of. Here’s an example of one of their unhelpful tweets.

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