The whites of its eyes

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The muddle of models has not developed low Zehra as much as they did earlier in the week, but it’s still a formidable feature for Scotland on Monday, with all models developing a large area of snow and strong winds across much of the country. I can’t remember a month when it seems to have snowed in our part of the Highlands just about every other day, but any temporary covering of snow we did see never lasted for very long. This must be very different on ground above 300 metres which must have seen a lot of snow this month, perhaps if Zehra comes at the right time it will be different, it’s track is certainly further south with each run. The great Oz doesn’t looked too convinced that his snow warning will come off by the looks of it, he also seems to be limiting the northward extent of the risk from any snow to the Great Glen.

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The great Oz seems to be more confident about the strong wind warning but has shrunk the area and reduced the highest gusts.

Courtesy of UKMO
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