The wrong impression

Courtesy BBC

Because the BBC continue to insist on using coastal sites as being representative of temperatures across the whole of the UK, I am fairly certain that’s how the majority of viewers think that’s how temperatures are inland too. Chris Fawkes dismissed todays maximum temperatures across the north as reaching “four or five degrees”. It’ll be interesting to see just how representative these temperatures are in the Highlands this afternoon, where I’m sure they’ll be lower despite it being another sunny day he forgot to mention. That’s because it’s snowing in Wales and parts of the Midlands this morning, he hardly had time for anywhere else in the country. So caught up with the fact that he had seen some snow reported in an observation in Lincolnshire that he also neglected to mention that the coldest place overnight had been Altnaharra with -9.7°C. With certain forecasters the national weather forecast from the BBC these days is anything but, they seem to have a theme for the day that they doggedly follow no matter what. I realise they don’t have a lot of time but Alex Deakin and Alina Jenkins always seem to manage it.

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