This morning’s Met Office video update

I am generally a fan of the Met Office video especially those done by Alex Deakin. Aidan McGivern is a bit more of an acquired taste though, and it wasn’t apparent to me until today when I was watching the early morning ‘update’ video that he presented looks to have been taped the night before. I say this for a couple of reasons, one was that he said “…it will be chilly enough for temperatures to be just below freezing“, if he had prepared this forecast this morning he would have noticed the frost was a little sharper than he had anticipated in the north of Scotland.

Courtesy of UKMO

As you can see temperatures this morning were just a little below freezing with a minimum of -3.0°C at Altnaharra.

The second reason was the chart that he started his morning update with must could only have been the T+24 from the night before because in no way did it resemble Thursday morning over Scotland (see satellite image below). Leaving the graphic with just the day being displayed, rather that the day and the time doesn’t help the viewer, and is a classic ploy employed not only by the Met Office in their videos but also in the BBC forecast as well, you’ll notice I label anything I create with the date and time.

Courtesy of UKMO

I’m not a big fan of taped forecasts even if they are going to be used for a couple of slots on the BBC news channel. I remember how the taped forecast by Michael Fish that preceded the breaking news about the Boscastle flood looked back in 2004 looked.

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