UKMO beat record for shortest warm front

Courtesy UKMO

The UKMO have beaten the record in their T+36 forecast chart for the shortest warm front ever. News of the new record has taken the meteorological world by storm. Climate attributionists are already claiming that it’s yet another sign of the rampant global heating that is going on and the BBC have linked it to the jet stream – that fast moving ribbon of wind high up in the atmosphere – and promise an explainer video from Tomasz Schafernaker about it to explain its significance. Enough of the incredible shrinking warm front and back in the real world it looks like its high pressure all the way – well at least for the first part of next week. After this anticyclone shifts away to the east pressure is set to build over Iceland and a new high will set up shop to the north or northwest of the UK allowing colder air to move south.

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