Warm front but where’s the warm sector?

Admittedly there’s a load of orographic rainfall affecting the west of Scotland at the moment but I don’t see any evidence of any change of airmass since yesterday. The analysis from the UKMO seems to be out of synch with the rainfall, satellite and observational data at 12 UTC and the warm front they introduced to the analysis at midnight seems impossible to justify with dewpoints as low as 1 or 2°C across northeast Scotland.


This is the clever way that the great wizard who is Oz (aka Chief forecaster) got out of his problem with their non-existent warm sector in the 06 UTC analysis. He simply “repurposed” an old occlusion that was draped NE-SW to the west of Ireland at 06 UTC, and with a bit of sleight of hand changed it into a warm front, and bugger the continuity.

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