Wednesday’s snow warning a little late?

Courtesy UKMO

Another slightly skimped yellow warning of snow for parts of Scotland this coming Wednesday. The Great Oz has a tendency to leave out the northwest Highlands from snow warnings, but just got away with it on Thursday this week. This time with the gradient more veered things might be a little different, although having said that the coldest air still lies to the northeast. The ECMWF hires model does have accumulations of snow to the north and west of Aviemore , slightly less than the totals over the Grampians, but perfectly logical. Again the warning area for the southern uplands seems to start along way south of Edinburgh, but I’m sure the warning area will be tweaked early next week.


The other thing is that the snow warning doesn’t come into force till midnight on Wednesday, which is surely a little late if you put any confidence in the ECMWF model, which has it snowing across the whole area at 12 UTC on Tuesday! Have I entered the Twilight zone?



It was fascinating to see just how craftily the UKMO covered up their own cock-up regarding this snow warning. All they did was extend the area of the more southern warning to cover the area that snow is forecast to fall on Tuesday by adding an extra lobe that covered much of the central belt and southern Highlands, they even took my advice and took the area much closer to Edinburgh as I had suggested in the original earlier of this blog. The only thing they have left to do now is tidy up the original yellow warning for Wednesday which now looks completely isolated from Tuesday and out of place. Is it me that just saw there mistake?

Courtesy UKMO
Updated: 11:08 UTC on Sun 31 Jan 2021

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