Well over 80 mm already…

Estimated Rainfall accumulations from Weather Radar

Increased likelihood of impacts from the heavy rain and also to extend the warning into the early hours of Thursday.
The band of rain will persist throughout Wednesday, easing and clearing eastwards into the early hours of Thursday. Rainfall totals of 40-50 mm widely expected within the warning area and potential for 80 mm over some high ground, notably the Highlands and southern Grampians. The rain will be accompanied by strong southerly winds.

Updated Yellow warning

The rainfall totals are mounting up across the west Highlands and Islands and the Met Office have adjusted their yellow warning for heavy rain from yesterday. I estimate well over 80 mm over the mountains since 18 UTC yesterday so by 03 UTC tomorrow morning there could be well over double that. There still hasn’t been more than a few spots here in the strath and I can’t remember a satellite picture with such an extensive area of thick medium and high cloud over the UK. It’s very mild into the bargain with temperatures in the warm sector across the north of Scotland close to 14°C.

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