Wet week ahead for Western Scotland & Northern Ireland

Courtesy of wxcharts.com

It’s probably a good job that we are still in full lockdown mode in Scotland because the weathers not looking very summer like at the moment, particularly for Western Scotland & Northern Ireland with upwards of 120 mm of rain over the hills and mountains forecast by the GFS model in the next ten days. Hopefully Nicola Sturgeon won’t announce a relaxation of the current restrictions next week and just let the weather do it for her. So far we have had one day with a temperature above 20°C but the bluebells and look absolutely lovely with drops of rain hanging from the end of each little flower. The only good saving grace is that our water up here is not metered, and it’s a damn sight cheaper than it was down in Devon.

Courtesy of UKMO

Meanwhile down south the next 10 days look comparatively dry with little in the way of rain. Northeast England and Eastern Scotland look like they will see some rain, but the scarcity of rain across Lincolnshire and Humberside looks like it will continue.

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