Wet, windy and mild


Tuesday the 7th of January 2020 was a wet day across the northwest of Scotland. You will notice the odd white pixel across Sutherland in the estimates from the weather radar indicating rainfall accumulations in excess of 150 mm yesterday. To be fair the totals are for 30 hours, but do give you a good idea of just how wet it was. Unfortunately most people’s attention were either focused on the mild temperatures, or the extreme gusts of wind and not the rainfall, that included me as well as the Met Office who failed to issue a heavy rain warning for the event.


A windy day across the north, with gusts of 70 mph at Lerwick but not untypical of many a winter’s day across IONA in the past. Interesting to see the effect of the lee winds across northeast Scotland and northeast Scotland. Here for a change is a chart of the number of gale hours reported in the last 30 hours ending 10 UTC this morning.

And mild

And a very mild day for the time of year. Maybe not the 17°C or higher suggested might occur earlier this week by Tomasz Schafernaker, but 15.2°C in a warm sector aided by a foehn wind in January is not that surprising that it does happen on occasions.

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