What about the cold spots?

The world climate news at the moment is dominated with NWP images of Siberia covered in lurid orange and red coloured contours, and rightly so anomalies as high as +12°C are truly exceptional in a warming world like we live in, but what about the cold spots that exist and rarely get a mention? I do realise the anomalies in the above chart are just for a single day, but let’s not lose grip on reality here, it does get warm in Siberia in summer and occasionally hot even above the Arctic circle, and we have seen higher anomalies in that area during several months already this year although not accompanied by forest fires like we have at the moment.

It doesn’t help that the press and social media are having a field day with this story at the moment trying to outdo each other, but sometimes the facts in their stores are far from accurate, even from what you would consider reputably organisations such as the Guardian.

Damian Carrington seems to think that daytime temperatures in Khatanga are usually around 0°C at this time of year, the truth is summers in the Arctic circle across Asia are very warm and intense affairs.

I’ll return with a weekly grid of anomalies for eastern Asia when the data is available early next week.

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