What about using the good old “north-south split” cliché now?

Courtesy of the BBC

It is quite interesting to observe that the good old cliché “north-south split”, coined by that style icon of the 1980’s Michael Fish, is rarely if ever used by weathercasters on TV if the weather in the south is worse than in the north. There are complex reasons for this, but psychologists now believe it’s caused by a rather common condition in the English called Scotia Myopia, and as many as four out of five TV weathercasters suffer from it. They often disguise their problem by either forgetting to mention the good weather further north by talking exclusively about something that’s happening in the south, or if they do mention it, they’ll add a proviso such as “how cool it will feel on the east coast”, forgetting that this might be the best weeks weather northern Scotland has seen since the summer of 2017.

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