What is it with the word COLD?

There are there so many euphemisms for the word cold in my euphemism dictionary? Most of them originate from BBC weathercasters, who it seems to me would rather pick up a rattlesnake that say the word cold in any of their broadcasts. It’s certainly benn another rather cold day so far across the bulk of the country with anomalies in the wetter areas between three and four degrees below the average for 12 UTC. Here are a few from Ben Rich in his lunchtime forecasts from today, in which he never mentioned the word cold once.

  • Temperatures will continue to struggle
  • It’s not going to feel particularly warm
  • Not the warmest of starts
  • Temperatures are a touch below par
  • It stays rather chilly
  • A rather cool night
  • Temperatures at best

Apologies to all my long time subscribers about going on about this particular subject, it’s obviously some kind of condition that I have, akin to a knee-jerk reaction.

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